Up-To-Date Production Facilities & Techniques

TOOR LUSTER Metallic Yarns are manufactured with highly developed techniques and up to date manufacturing facilities, so the yarn products have high gloss, bright colour, excellent feeling in addition to the following advantages:

Since no yarn breakage occurs while being used in weaving and knitting, TOOR LUSTER Metallic Yarns increase work efficiency greatly.

TOOR LUSTER Metallic Yarns are rich in variety.

TOOR LUSTER Metallic Yarns avoid awkward knots.



Efforts To Develop New Products:

New Types of TOOR LUSTER Metallic Yarns, unique and novel, are always being introduced through scientific research and with efforts at improvements and development of new products.


At our facility we start off from this 

To this without any external help, with the coordination of best suppliers around the world...